Monday, November 14, 2016

Resiliency In The News

Recent articles have reported on an interesting variety of solutions, both financial and physical, for enhancing resilience in susceptible areas of countries Worldwide.  For example, among the five “Bold Initiatives” mentioned in a recent post by the development company Devex, is the decision by the mayor of the Philippine city of Catbalogon to create a new city center—a “Sky City”—on land nearly 400 feet above sea level, thereby negating impacts of perennial flooding that plagues the region.

The city has a Facebook page seeking investors, as well as a slick marketing video. Construction began earlier this year (photo), with initial backing from a South Korean energy company.

Another timely update, posted on, describes a variety of solutions being adopted by (and applied to) informal settlements at risk around the globe.  The best practices seem to match the most appropriate design and engineering solutions with creative funding to maximize the benefit for those most affected. 

Solutions adapted to smaller, less formal settlements are establishing benchmark ideas that can be scaled-up to larger, more formal cities.